What Happened in Bali finale

It was a struggle but I stuck through the end of the drama. I really liked the ending but probably not for the reason the producers thought of. I never did like any of the characters. Kang In Wook was pretty stone faced except for the occasional smirk, and I just wasn’t feeling the character (despite the fact that I like the actor). Jung Jae Min I think we were supposed to feel some sort of sympathy for but he just seemed like a whining cry baby. I sort of understood where he was coming from…sometimes…but watching someone cry and whine for almost 20 eps gets a bit old after a while. The female lead…not much to say there except that she was a bit of a doormat. I don’t know many people who would just stand around letting themselves get beat up like that. I’m not saying that I expected her to fight back but why even associate with people treating you this way? Most people would just stop hanging around people who were harming them this way, physically or emotianally.


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